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We’re thrilled to announce our latest product version, that enables events of all shapes and size to setup and deploy RFID solutions in minutes.

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Start Measuring the ROI of your Event Today!

Upd8r enables you to capture a range of valuable metrics from your event participants, allowing you to identify who attended your event and what they engaged with, these valuable insights greatly enhance your future events!

Create Social Buzz Around Your Experience and Drive Millions of Online Impressions

Upd8r enables you to amplify your brand beyond the four walls of your event, by enabling your participants to personally share their experiences in real-time, all with a simple “tap”

Capture Leads and Increase Engagement at Your Event

Our RFID event technology solutions assist in driving attendee engagement through a variety of compelling personalised interactions, that can be tracked, measured and shared, whilst generating high quality leads!

What We Do

Excelerated Apps is an award-winning RFID event technology provider which enables events, venues and brands to put personalisation and social media at the heart of their real-world experiences. With RFID badges, passes and wristbands you can drive engagement at your events, boost social amplification, and measure the success of your event through extensive data capture and event analytics.

What UpD8r can do for you

Personalisation & Bespoke experiences

We turn your mass marketing into a highly personalised experience for each attendee. Through our RFID event technology we can feed consumer data to any touch-point they interact with, this data can be used to create amazing personalised experiences through our extensive API

Content Delivery

With Upd8r and RFID event technology you can send emails in real-time to attendees who tap to receive further information on products, services and offers.

Track Leads Captured and Conversions

With Upd8r and RFID event technology guests can express interest in products and services with a simple tap, on-site staff can add lead notes and share promotional links which can be tracked on your site.

Access & Redemption

Through UpD8r and RFID event technology you can create zones within your space, based on your attendees profile. Attendees can also redeem vouchers and tokens for in-event items.

Social Amplification

Through UpD8r and RFID event technology guests can share links, check-ins, updates and photos and other content across social channels with a simple tap of their RFID wristband. All content is managed and configured by you, in the cloud.

Real-time Alerts

By using UpD8r and RFID event technology you can can alert onsite staff via SMS or email that a guest with a large amount of followers has registered at your event, as well as, monitor user level activity at your event across all LikeStations

Gamification, Scores and Leaderboards

Through Upd8r and RFID event technology, you can create a game layer over your experience by creating compelling live games in which attendees can capture scores on their wristband and tap to display their names on live leader boards.

Capture and Share Photos

Photo marketing is increasingly important, through UpD8r and RFID event technology you can create and capture incredible branded images –the uncapturable moment -which your attendees can share and receive with a simple tap.

Social Reach, Insights and Analytics

All RFID event technology interactio at your event are tracked and measured on the UpD8r platform, giving you unparalleled levels of data on user activity and event performance.

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