What We Do

We use RFID event technology together with our multi-award winning event engagement platform and application to help brands, experiential agencies and event professionals amplify, track and measure thier live experiences and events.


Create more immersive and engaging live events and enhance the attendee experience


Extend the reach of your event to millions on social media, all in real-time.

RFID event analytics


Capture quality attendee and event data for future planning and marketing intelligence

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One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Access Control & Event Check-ins

Segment your event into zones, and manage access control for different profile all in real-time, via the cloud. Reducing ticket fraud and queue times, and enabling real-time accreditation management.

Social Media Amplification

Extend the reach of your event beyond its four walls, by turning attendees into social brand advocates and enabling them to personally share their in-event experience to all their online friends.

Event Analytics

Capture valuable attendee and event data to formulate insights, that will aid in future event planning and marketing intelligence.


Stir the competitive spirit in your attendees! Increase participation and engagement, through our dynamic gamification module. Which enables you to capture scores and display them on creative live leaderboards.

Capture & Share Photos & Videos

Photo marketing is increasingly important for event marketing. Create and capture incredible branded images –the uncapturable moment, which your attendees can share and receive with a simple tap.

Real-time Information Delivery

Create a seamless, information delivery network that will ensure your attendees are exposed to the right content, at the right time. Attendees tap their Smartbands to collect digital information from brands, exhibitors or sponsors


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  • Branded Pre-Registration Pages
  • Customisable and Dynamic Data Capture Fields
  • API Integration
  • Upload CSV of Event Attendees


  • Native Android Registration Application
  • Social Media Amplification
  • Personalisation & Content Delivery
  • Gamification & Gift Redemption
  • Access Control & Lead Capture

Post Event

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Event Analytics
  • Attendee Analytics
  • Digital Briefcase

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