7 Examples of RFID Event Technology in Experiential Marketing and Live Events

You may have noticed that here at Excelerated Apps, we’re strong advocates of RFID technology. As a result, we feel it’s our duty to shine a light on some amazing examples of how RFID technology has been used to create amazing live event and brand experiences.

We’ve comprised a list of 7 brilliant RFID live event examples that should spark some creative ideas around how you could use RFID for your next event.

1.Battersea Cats & Dogs #LookingForYou Campaign


What makes this use case so brilliant, is its simplicity. RFID is often associated with registrations and identifying individuals in order to create highly personalised experiences.  This is a perfect example of how RFID can still be anonymous and work. By keeping it anonymous, it’s up to each consumer to realise the function of the RFID within the leaflet. This realisation creates amazing consumer reactions – which are sure to leave a lasting impression!

2. NYCWWF – The SavorBand by Event Farm


We are  food fanatics here at Excelerated Apps! That’s why we love the use of the RFID SavorBand.  By placing readers at each food stall, attendees could tap their Savorbands to collect recipes and other digital information related to the food they enjoyed at the event. All information was sent to their “digital memory bank” which could be accessed post event, creating lasting customer relationships and driving online engagement from an offline experience.  View our Content Delivery Solution for more information.

3. Range Rover Evoque RFID


Another brilliant use case of RFID. By capturing basic customer information through an online registration process that could be completed at home. Range Rover was able to create a highly personalised in-store experience for each attendee. Long waiting times were transformed into interactive activities that could be captured and shared via their RFID Smartcards – turning each test-driver into a social brand advocate and extending the reach of the Range Rover experience to thousands online.

4. Rabbids Amusement Centre – Connect and GO

This case study is a perfect example of how gamification and RFID can increase engagement and add a layer of value to any experience. Attendees can register their RFID bands and participate in an interactive, digital game to accumulate scores and points. Each game is highly personalised and projects players names and scores on a live leaderboard.

5. Grolsch Swingtop Challenge – Life Agency


This particular use case is an exciting one! It introduces the use of gamification through RFID. Attendees can register their RFID bands and participate in an interactive, digital game to accumulate scores and points. Each game is highly personalised and projects players names and scores on a live leaderboard. Points and scores can be shared via social media or redeemed at the bar for free drinks!

6. New York City Marathon ‘Support Your Marathoner’



Similar to the #Lookingforyou campaign, the New York City Marathon used RFID technology to trigger personalised motivational videos during the course of the race. Videos were pre-recorded by runners family members and assigned to the correct individuals. Throughout the marathon, lucky runners would be “cheered on” by their family – creating heartfelt moments and lasting customer relationships!

7.Spotify Experience BBK – Yumiwi


In recent years RFID has been identified as a significantly valuable tool for social media and experiential marketing professionals. Attendees can add their social media profiles to their wristbands, which enables them to personalise and share real-world activity and content with a simple “tap”. This use case is a perfect example of how effective a simple activity like a photo-booth can be, when combined with RFID event technology and a mass crowd of selfie-hungry teenagers! View our Social Media Amplification solution for more information.

8.Musical Fitting Room – Starhub


RFID technology can be a powerful tool in enhancing the retail experience. By associating genre-specific songs to relevant items of clothing, that would play to customers upon entering the changing room; Starhub was able to create a truly immersive experience that satisfied a variety of senses!

We work closely with brands, agencies, events and venues to add value to their experiences using RFID technology. For more information get in touch today or simply pick up the phone give us a call on +44 (0) 333 444 1310. We’re always happy to talk!



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