9 Ways to Use NFC technology at your event.

Event Technology is constantly evolving and adapting, bringing new possibilities and experiences to demanding audiences. The challenge for event professionals is in applying these new possibilities to delight their audiences. Below I will show you 9 ways in which event professionals can use RFID & NFC event technology to improve the attendee experience at their events and venues:

1. Access Control 

By placing NFC readers at the entrance to your event, event organisers are able to digitally track individuals who enter their event. Each individual checked-in is recorded on the platform and time stamped to the second, enabling you to identify peak times and allocate necessary resources at specific times.

You can also create zones for your attendees, such as VIP and public, and set user profiles for each area. Our platform identifies duplicates, which prohibits tags been used by multiple guests, eliminating fraudulent tickets.

2. Social Media Amplification

NFC event technology enables attendees to personally promote their activity on social media and encourages physical engagement by keeping attendees off their cell-phones.  You can have guests post branded links and stories, or simply share their attendance at your event, venue or location across social media with a simple tap.  All content shared is managed by you, so you choose the links and tone of the messaging. 

You can also capture roaming images or create elaborate green-screen scenarios for your attendees. Photos are captured, and when approved your attendees simply tap to have them shared to social media or sent to them via email. As an organiser you can add branded watermarks to images through the platform, extending the reach for the event still further, whilst offering them a digital memory they can not create themselves.

3. Information Delivery

you can use NFC technology to send emails or text messages in real-time. Attendees can tap to receive further information on products, services and offers. You can manage the content of emails, with personalisation options that are easily configurable in the cloud. You can send attendees a note of thanks, a reminder about an offer or even text messages with clues on how to reach the next part of the experience.

4. Gamification

NFC technology enables attendees to play games and accrue scores inside your event, enhancing their experience and creating competition mechanics. Guests can play games, both digital and physical, and compete for a place on event leaderboards. Scores such as points, distance and time are recorded with a tap and are tracked and monitored online and in real-time.


5. Redemption

With NFC technology, you can give your guests tokens to redeem against food, drink and gifts inside your experience. Redemption checks their pass or wristband in real-time, removing appropriate tokens where needed, and allowing for a personal greeting of the guest. Each interaction is tracked and measure through the platform enabling stock analytics. 

6. Personalisation

Consumers are beginning to demand personalisation, in their online experiences, and NFC can deliver this same personalisation in the real-world. Instead of delivering the exact same event experience to every visitor, NFC technology allows you to give each visitor the most relevant experience possible, based on their profile. Guests can tap their wristbands at the entrance to events and have their name projected on a screen welcoming them to the venue, or direct them to areas they haven’t visited yet. Our extensive API allows you to create a wide range of personalised and bespoke digital experiences. 

7 . Lead Capture

With and NFC wristband, capturing leads can be either a simple “tap” to register interest, or detailed notes taken by an exhibitor or ambassador on an NFC enabled tablet. Leads with notes have their own secure access, for sponsors and exhibitors to collect and download in real-time.

8. Cashless Payments

Use N.F.C. wristbands as a digital payment system to increase overall spending and reduce queue times. Credits can be linked with each tag, such as to give each attendee a set number free drinks, or planners can ask guests to link a credit card with their bands.

9. Insights and Analytics

All activity inside your space is tracked and measured, giving you unparalleled levels of data on user activity and event performance. Everything a user does is recorded, giving you a full history of every attendee’s experience. You can report on individuals, or determine their NPS values based on which experiences they took part in. You can track performance by interactive point, time or even by the event overall and see how many users have registered, their social reach, activity by timestamp and much, much more – all available instantly in the cloud.

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    Jason Malki9-10-2015

    NFC technology makes events much more seamless for both the organizers and the attendees. It’s definitely here to stay and will ultimately revolutionize the events industry.

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