Case Study Webinar: Turn sports fans at your events into social media brand advocates

Would you like every fan at your sporting event to tell all of their friends about their experience?

Our one-touch social sharing solutions are delivering just that today, for some of the world’s biggest brands, using innovative RFID and NFC technology.

We would like to invite you to join us for a short FREE Webinar on Tuesday, May 1st at 4pm BST (11am EST) to show you how you can turn every fan at your real-world sports events into a social media advocate for the experience you’ve created.

Dominic Warne (RBS Sponsorship Manager) will explain how they organised a Natwest cricket master class with a world-famous cricketer for 100 lucky competition winners, and allowed those guests to share content and pictures with their friends on Facebook in real-time using LikeStations from Excelerated Applications.

In this 45-minute webinar you will learn how valuable a real-world social sharing solution can be for maximising sponsorship rights, offering an improved fan experience, and amplifying your online brand exposure.

This is a must attend for any sponsorship or brand manager looking to maximise the value of their sponsorship rights for real-world events. This was the first time that RBS had trialled the solution, and they were delighted at the number of Facebook impressions and clicks to the NatWest Cricket Club properties by the thousands of people who saw the content online and were able to join the ‘experience’ themselves.

Whether you are a brand with sponsorship rights, a sports organisation or sports team, or in sports marketing this short webinar will:

  • Show you how RBS was able to maximise its sponsorship rights by turning fans at a real-world event into social media brand ambassadors.
  • Discuss other case studies where major brands have extended their online reach to over a million people from a real-world event with only 1500 attendees.
  • Show how this effective solution from Excelerated Apps can be used for any type of sports, business, music or other events where a brand wants to turn fans at the event into social media brand advocates.
  • Discuss the return on investment potential to sponsorship rights owners and brands in leveraging social media technology at events.
  • Provide a demonstration of the types of real-world experiences at an event that can be amplified onto social media networks.
  • Demonstrate how the detailed analytics available in the solution can drive valuable marketing insights.

Please feel free to pass this onto any colleague who might find it useful and please get in touch if you are unable to attend but would like to find out more about our solution.

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    Ben Lobenstein5-4-2012

    Great Preso! Would love to see more of this here in the USA.

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    Hi Ben – thanks, we’ve actually delivered a couple of projects like in this US already, I’ll drop you an email with the details…


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