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What Our Customers Say

The Brand Amplification solution enabled us to amplify our summer festival activations to over half a million people on Facebook and Twitter! Additionally, each piece of content was personally shared and personalised by each attendee, which significantly increased engagement and word of mouth.


Action Aid
The Access Control and Zone Tracking solution was beneficial for Formula E in a variety of ways. It reduced queue times and saved time scrolling through VIP guest lists. It also provided us with details on which VIP's access which zones, and what speaker sessions were most popular. This positively influenced the future planning of next years season and our post event marking activities.
Formula E

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there offline functionality?
Yes, we do have a offline functionality for majority of functions. If the network does drop, each tap will be stored locally and automatically sync to the cloud once the network reconnects. This ensures no data is lost during that time. Additionally we have a local server offering, which enables majority of solution to run as it should without internet connection!
3. Does the solution include RFID wristbands?
Yes, we work with premium partners to supply RFID wristbands, cost is dependant on format and volume. Alternatively, one can source their own RFID's but please ensure they're NFC MiFare compatible.
2. Does the app work on IOS?
UpD8r 3.0 is currently only available on Android, we reccommend using the Google Nexus 10 or 7 devices, which have built in NFC functionality eliminating the need for an external reader which significant reduces the cost of adding a RFID reader extension.
Onsite Event Registration
Customisable and Dynamic Registration Pages
Customisable Data Capture Forms
Social Media Registration
Branded Logo and Background
Updatable in Real-time
Real-time Notifications to Onsite Staff
Offline Functionality
Event Checkin, Access Control and Session Tracking
Reduce Queue Times
Reduce Ticket Fraud
Segment Your Event Into Zones and Define Profiles
Identify most popular activites

Identify who attendee which sesssions

In Event Interactions
Event Check-Ins
Photo Booths
Gamification and Redemption
Content Delivery
Brand Amplification
Event Analytics
Attendee Data
Attendee Event Journey
Identify Popular Event activities
Social Media Analytics
Engagement Tools
RFID Wristbands and Badges
Brand Amplification
Capture and Share Branded Photos and Videos
Social Check-ins
Share Event Activity
Request and Share Content
Extend The Reach of Your Event in Real-Time
Claim my free RFID for Events PDF
4. Do you offer bespoke developments?
Yes, we do offer bespoke developments and our solution has an open API that enables simple, effiecient integration.