How Birds Eye’s pop-up restaurant made word-of-mouth recommendations social

instagram-your-foodThis week experiential agency Slice is in the news with its fantastic Birds Eye pop-up restaurant activation, where patrons can pay for their meal using a hashtagged photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

The idea is a simple, yet incredibly powerful one, and has earned them some amazing coverage, not only in the event press, but in mainstream news publications.

But why?

Well, word of mouth advertising (the classic ‘If you like what we do, tell others, if you don’t, tell us’ call to action) is just about the most powerful method of getting your brand or product ‘out there’.

No other brand awareness mechanic carries the same weight in terms of influencing your purchase decision.  No amount of social ads, TV placement or sponsorship will ever be as good as your friends telling you “try this, it’s really good”.

Could a photo of your food be a restaurant currency of the future?

Could a photo of your food be a restaurant currency of the future?

What Slice and Birds Eye have done, is take the concept of a word-of-mouth recommendation and create an incentive to push it into the world of social media. Essentially what they’re saying is, “Did you enjoy your meal? Great, well tell your friends and you can have it for free.”

This approach is orders of magnitude more effective than advertising. Yes, ad targeting has certainly become far more effective in recent years, from segmenting audiences based on every demographic imaginable, to targeting those people who’ve previously visited your site. This is all great in helping your business, but it’s still YOU – as the brand – talking to the end consumer.

Adverts with social context from Facebook have begun to change that, as now an advert from a brand can tell you which of your friends already ‘Likes’ them – giving the brand a ready-made sense of social validity – but ultimately it’s STILL a message from the brand to potential customers.

The genius of this Birds Eye campaign is in the incentive for happy customers to share their experiences FOR the brand. It’s a personal recommendation (which carries huge weight) – but using social channels (which carries a potentially huge reach).

We’re big believers in the power of personal recommendations, and many brands and agencies have been using our RFID solution UpD8r Events to create those socially enabled personal recommendations from the experiential activations they’ve created. We’ve RFID-enabled experiential events where these personal recommendations have been viewed over a million times! All tracked, measured and reported to the brand.

In an ideal world, every positive consumer experience would result in a word of mouth recommendation, but that doesn’t always happen – so why not make it as easy as possible for consumers to share a recommendation? Get in touch and we’ll show you how!

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