Increase event ROI by tracking attendee event activity directly in Salesforce with UpD8r 3.0

Excelerated Apps have announced the release of their latest integration with Salesforce. As an added extension to their well-established existing platform, the Salesforce integration functionality enables event professionals to track each attendee’s event activity directly in Salesforce.

The integration, is a “two click” process and provides your sales team with real-time insights into what attendees are doing at your event. This process captures the relevant data to create highly personalised and timely follow-ups.

It’s no longer necessary sift through spreadsheets and business cards trying to remember which opportunity came from which event. Using this technology, leads can be recorded with a simple tap of an RFID badge, while allowing the power of Salesforce to do what it does best.

Commenting on the release, managing director Richard Smith said: “Creating a B2B focused solution has always been part of our vision. Giving event professionals the ability to feed event data directly to their sales team, all in real time – is very exciting. We can’t wait to see how customers utilize it!”

We will be discussing and demonstrating the integration in more detail in our live webinar: Register Here.

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