How can technology help you create highly personalised events and enhance the attendee experience?

I have never been great with names.

Faces, yes – I might have met you once, several years ago, but I’m almost certain to recognise you if we meet again – however the chances of me remembering you by name are slim.

Sorry about that.

Which is why I’m always so impressed when people remember me by name. Being a Smith makes it even harder for people, obviously, but being remembered by name makes you feel valued.

This ‘personalisation’ has become a huge part of the modern customer experience.  When you’re enjoying an online experience you expect brands and retailers to know you, your history together, and your personal preferences.  Amazon will recommend products you might like, Facebook will show you pictures it thinks you’ll want to see, and Netflix will remember exactly where you were in that Breaking Bad marathon you were enjoying before you fell asleep.

We’ve come to expect our online experiences to be personalised, and tailored specifically to us.

But that rarely happens in the real world.

My trip the cinema will likely be exactly the same as yours. The gig I attend will be exactly the same as yours. My visit to the pop-up clothes store will likely be the same as yours.

So how do experiential marketers leverage that desire for an element of personalisation to give unique, valuable experiences to consumers?

Well, first you need to know who they are, and something about them, either through a registration mechanic or some form of optional data capture.  Then you need to easily identify them throughout the experience, allowing you to tailor what they see, do, touch and engage with, based on who they are and what their personal preferences are.

You could, of course, hire people who are brilliant with names and faces to offer this personalisation at every turn (something I’d be terrible at).  Or, you could use a multi-award winning Consumer Engagement Platform like UpD8r, and have it done for you in the cloud. UpD8r assists brands, live events and agencies to create highly personalised events and experiences. Create a “one-one” brand experience for each attendee. Find out more about our personalised event solutions  here

Imagine being welcomed by name on the big screen at the cinema.  Imagine being shown the in-store offers most relevant to you as you walk in, or receiving a text reminder for the amazing part of the experience you haven’t yet been to?  All of this, and more, is possible using a Consumer Engagement Platform.


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