Event Analytics

RFID event analytics

Capture detailed data on attendees through branded, customised registration pages and monitor user activity through the cloud-based dashboard. Everything that happens on the UpD8r platform is tracked and measured, giving you unparalleled levels of data on user activity and event performance.

User Level Activity

Everything a user does is recorded, giving you a full history of every attendee’s experience. Report on individuals, or determine their NPS values based on which experiences they took part in.

Event Level Insights

Track performance by Touchpoint, time or even by the event overall. See how many users have registered, their social reach, activity by timestamp and much, much more –all available instantly in the cloud.

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Process Overview


Setup and configure dynamic registration pages with customizable data capture fields, to ensure you’re collecting the right data from your attendees.

During the Event

Each engagement is tracked and timestamped in the platform, giving you a real-time overview of event activity.


Individual activity reports, touchpoint reports, zone check-in reports and social media reports are available for real-time viewing or downloadable via CSV.

What previous customers say about Data Analytics

The Data Analytics solution enabled us to identify and track KPI's that assisted us in measuring the success of our experiential marketing activation. Additionally, we could provide factual data to the clients, which helped illustrate the ROI.


See how Data Analytics can help measure the success of your events.