RFID Event Gamification, Scores and Real-time Leaderboards

Increase participation and enhance the attendee experience by creating a game layer on top of your event.

Track Games Played and Points Accumulated.

Guests can play games, both digital and physical, and compete for a place on the leaderboard. Scores such as points, distance and time are recorded with a tap and are tracked and monitored online and in real-time inside UpD8r

Build Personalised Leaderboards

Our extensive API allows you to build highly personalised digital games and leaderboards. Show your attendees leaderboards in-venue or online, and have them share their scores on social media with a simple tap.

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Process Overview


Setup points and scores in the dashboard and assign them to specific touchpoints. Points are captured and tracked in real-time.

During the Event

Guests can play games both physical and digital and compete for a place on a real-time leaderboard. Scores are captured and shared online, by tapping their Smartbands.


Real-time check-in feeds and post event CSV reports are available through your dashboard. Enabling you to identify who attended which zones, and which sessions were most popular.

See how our Gamification Solution can help increase participation and enhance the attendee experience.