Gamifcation – How to Influence Attendee Behavior, Reward Participation and Boost Engagement at Your Event


Yes, we’re all firsthand witnesses of the impact social media has had on the events industry. Amplifying the reach of  your event, enabling attendees to form valuable connections, participation, engagement and feedback – It’s been revolutionary, but a common question among event professionals, is whats next?

The last decade has been all about the social layer – creating connections. The next wave to ride is gamification.

Don’t get me wrong, gamification has been around for quite some time, but more than not, it’s been misunderstood, or lacks potency and direction – particularly within an event context.

Through the advancement of  event technology the tools and resources to build game dynamics are getting far more user-friendly and efficient, as a result; the potential to design effective game mechanics, truly compelling experiences and the ability to influence and motivate attendee behavior has never been more achievable.

Gamification is all about influence, especially in a behavioral context – where you are, what you do and how you engage with it. Event organisers need to understand the potential of gamifcation and leverage it with their technology partners to better achieve their objectives.

Gamification is the topic of discussion in our next Webinar on 25th Novemeber, where we’ll be talking about the various game dynamics you can apply to your event, how to implement them using event technology and real-world examples of how brands and venues have used gamification to achieve their event objectives.


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