Lead Capture and Salesforce Integration

Guests can express interest in products and services with a simple tap, and share promotional links which can be tracked on your site. Track a leads journey through your event in salesforce, all in real-time. Reducing follow-up times, and enabling your sales team insight into what leads did at your event.

Capturing Leads

Leads can be either a simple tap to register interest, or detailed notes taken by an exhibitor or ambassador. Leads with notes have their own secure access on UpD8r for sponsors and exhibitors to collect and download leads in real-time

Tracking Conversions

All links shared via UpD8r can include UTM tracking when pushed to social channels and email. This will allow you to track conversions on your site that came from upD8r, which LikeStation, and even which user shared the link.

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Process Overview


Integrate your Salesforce account to your UpD8r account via the dashboard. Enabling you to automatically create leads in salesforce for each attendee.

During the Event

Attendees can tap on interactive touchpoints to express interest in products, services or even register to a webinar. Each interaction is tracked in UpD8r and Salesforce, giving your sales team real-time insight into each leads event journey.


Lead data is immediately available in your Salesforce account, reducing post-event follow-up times and increasing sales and customer service.

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