Capture & Share Branded Photo's and Videos.

Photo marketing is increasingly important. Through our photo-marketing solution, you can create and capture incredible branded images –the uncapturable moment -which your attendees can share and receive with a simple tap.

RFID photo sharing

Share images and videos on social media or via email

You can capture roaming images or create elaborate green-screen scenarios for your attendees. Photos are captured, and when approved your attendees simply tap to have them shared on social media or sent to them via email

Extend branding with watermarks

You can add watermarks to your images inside UpD8r, extending the reach for your brand still further. Watermarks can be frames, logos or filters and can be changed and updates in real-time in the cloud.

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Process Overview


Roaming Ambassadors have the ability to take photo of guests enjoying their event experience through the application. The photo is displayed and prompts individuals to tap their wristband to share their photos to social media or email.

During the Event

If the guest has registered with a social network, the image will be shared to their feed with generic copy. If there is no social network attached, they will instantly be emailed a personalised email giving the option to access their event photo.


Email , photo and social media analytics on specifics regarding social reach, connections and photos sent are available for real-time viewing or downloadable via CSV.

What previous customers say about our photo marketing solution

The photo marketing solution tied in perfectly with our social amplification strategy. Enabling attendees to share real-time photos of their in-event experiences, increased the likelihood of their online friends engaging with the content.

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