RFID Twitter and why the image preview function is good news for marketing and event professionals

Twitter this week rolled out a new feature where images and Vines shared by users are automatically previewed in people’s timelines, making the platform far more valuable to marketing and events professionals.

A picture paints a thousand words, or so we’ve been told for decades, but in modern parlance it’s probably more accurate to say a picture paints 140 characters.  As a micro-blogging platform, Twitter has already cornered the market for users looking to consume short, sharp updates from people they are interested in.  But auto-previewing images takes this even further.

As a story-telling mechanic, images beat text hands down – and as we discussed in a our recent social media masterclass, brands should embrace the fact that social media is the greatest story telling platform ever created.

Thanks to this latest Twitter feature, getting people to share images from your experiential activity and events on Twitter has never been more powerful.  Their followers can see these images, the experiences you’ve created, and the stories your attendees are telling, without ever having to click a link on their timeline. See below for an example of the preview of an image appearing in the twitter feed, as shared by our RFID sharing solution.

Twitter image preview automatic
Sure, some people might say that one-click isn’t a huge barrier to consumption of that content, but how many of the links in your Twitter feed do you skip past because you don’t have time to wait for the link to load, or because you’re just browsing?

Now those images will be there for you to preview, regardless of whether you click or not.

What this new feature WILL do is increase the potential ‘noise’ level in your feed, but this is merely another opportunity for you and your brand to stand out.  What images will your event attendees be sharing? What will they be doing in the photos? What exclusivity can you add to these photos?

As an events professional or marketer, you can focus on creating amazing customer experiences that lend themselves to graphical sharing, and let people like us worry about getting them on to Twitter. This is where RFID Twitter sharing can add real value to your social activation. By allowing your event attendees and experiential consumers to share AMAZING images with their Twitter followers, the reach of such branded images has just grown exponentially.

If you would like to learn more about how RFID can help you get more from Twitter’s new image preview function, then get in touch here: The Secret to Success with RFID and Twitter

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    What are the dimensions of the twitter preview pic image?

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      Richard Smith11-12-2013

      It’s a good question Mary – It appears that all images are resized to 438 pixels wide on the desktop view (until you click on them), with the vertical height of the image appearing to be about 210 pixels. However, which portion of the vertical image is shown seems to vary from image to to image. So although an image of any size can be previewed, if you want it to ALL be seen in preview, we suggest making the images in the dimensions above – otherwise cropping will occur.

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