Salesforce Integration

Two click integration

Just like logging into an app with Facebook is the norm, the process of accepting any third party app has been simplified to just a few clicks. Upd8r and salesforce follow this idea with the two click install.

The process can be broken down into:

  1. Click from the upd8r web management system to Saleforce
  2. The second click to grant upd8r the permissions required to share lead information with Salesforce

2 click integration

Inserting a lead


Its common place for an organisation to run an event with the sole purpose of the generation of new leads. Upd8r makes this super easy with its real time push feature.

Any new attendee registered on upd8r can be pushed to salesforce as soon as the attendee’s details are stored on the Upd8r platform no matter if it comes from the API, native apps or the web registration URL’s.


Usually an event is part of a campaign and campaigns on salesforce are a great way to benchmark between the performance of different events.

Using campaigns, the sales professional can assign a dollar value to each opportunity that comes through that campaign and with a simple report on salesforce the return on investment (ROI) can be calculated for that specific event.

In upd8r, the sales professional can pick a campaign name, this will then be created on salesforce when any new lead is processed through Upd8r.

Adding a demo campaign

Access Tracking and Lead Qualification

One of the core features of UpD8r is access tracking and management at events. UpD8r can be used to check if a certain user is allowed into a certain space, it also can be used to track which attendee goes into which room/talk/track in real time.

The tracking of attendees at an event can be used to qualify the attendees interest in certain areas. If attendee enters a certain room, this can be fed to Salesforce allowing the sales team to personalise their contact with that lead around these recorded interests.

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