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How to Implement Gamification & Boost Engagement at Your Next Event

Join our RFID event technology experts as they discuss gamification for experiential activations and live events, with case studies showing how many global brands have used gamification to enhance their live experiences.

About The Webinar

Richard Smith and Dan Walsh of Excelerated Apps will be discussing  gamification and how to apply various game dynamics to improve your experiences, along with suggested use cases and real-world customer examples from leading brands including New Balance and the British Army.  

You'll Learn

Why a growing number of event and experiential professionals are using gamification inside their experiences

The simple steps to implement gamification at your event

The 7 game dynamics and how they are used to influence behavior, drive engagment and reward participation.

Real-world examples of how leading brands and events have used gamification to achieve their event objectives, and to create award-winning experiences.






Richard Smith 

Co-Founder & Director at Excelerated Apps.

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Date: Wednesday November 25th, 2015
Time: 3pm GMT
Duration: 30min
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Dan Walsh

Sales & Marketing Executive at Excelerated Apps.




Who Should Attend

-Event professionals interested in learning about the latest event trends and technologies

-Experiential marketers interested in improving their events and creating more engaging experiences

-Marketing professionals looking for innovative ideas to improve their events


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