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On Demand Webinar: How to Generate Higher Quality Leads from your Events Using                            Smartbands and Salesforce.

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Dan Walsh

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How Upd8r can be used to qualify the interest of leads. Each attendee's user journey through your event is tracked in salesforce. This is based on Smartband engagements such as speaker sessions they checked-in to or which exhibitors they requested product information from.

The integration between Upd8r and Salesforce can be used to provide a dollar ROI amount post event for each event As you run more events you can setup different campaigns in Upd8r to benchmark different events against each other.

How easy it is to integrate and automatically track your leads and attendee event activity on Salesforce via UpD8r 3.0 Smartbands

Learn how UpD8r technology enables you to track leads and attendee activity at your event directly in Salesforce. Giving you the ability to create timely personalised follow-ups, increase close rates and ultimately increase sales.

Two Click Integration: 

Tracking Attendee Activity and Lead Qaulification

Event ROI: 

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